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Compassion. Community. Healthy.

At Mama Chea Cafe, we believe that health is a lifestyle, not a moment. Our vegan menu is designed to provide our customers with an array of options to help maintain their vegan lifestyle. We are passionate about our mission to provide healthy, plant-based dishes that are packed with flavor and nutrition.


In addition, we strive to be mindful of our impact on the environment, using sustainable practices and ingredients whenever possible. Our cafe offers a wide selection of delicious vegan dishes, cold-pressed juices, and smoothies, as well as a market with vegan-friendly products. Visit us today to experience the power of plant-based nutrition and enjoy a healthy lifestyle with Mama Chea Cafe.

Fresh Feta Salad


Salting Veggies


From Vine to Fork

There’s no use in denying it—we care about you. That’s why we’re not just serving food that tastes good; we’re serving food that’s good for you and our planet. Browse below for some of our popular dishes.

Healthy Vegetarian Burger
Tomato Soup
Frozen Acai


Get Plant Picking!

Our delicious Plant-Based Burger is top mindfully crafted to resist! At Mama Chea Cafe, we make sure to provide the freshest and most nutritious recipes, so you can enjoy your favorites wherever you are.


Always Fresh, Always Tasty

The term “must-have” may be a cliché, but we definitely have some signature goods that you just have to try. Come visit us today or explore our menu to find new favorites to fall in love with.


Try Them All

It’s already known that we take our  seamoss smoothies very seriously. But then again, we take all of our food & beverages seriously. That’s because we put the same care and attention to what goes inside your body as we do for ourselves. Click on to order now.



Future Vegan Brands Start Here!

Welcome to Mama Cheá Café where we provide our Vegan Shared Commercial Kitchen services. Made for unique Specialty / Artisan Brands who are in the process of expanding there Branding Venture. Are you looking for a Fully Licensed Commercial Vegan Kitchen to produce any vegan products? Our Vegan Specialty Commercial Kitchen, mission is to support new start-up businesses or any current vegan businesses in seek of a Vegan Licensed Commercial Kitchen, where you can legally create your brand and product(s). In addition to upscaling your brand(s), We provide at Mama Chea Cafe “Vegan Commercial Kitchen” guidance on taking your brand/ business to the next level. Vegan Shared Commercial Kitchen provides a fully-equipped kitchen space for food business owners. Our kitchen is designed to help entrepreneurs bring their vegan food products to life with access to all the tools and equipment necessary to create, package, and store their products. Our kitchen is equipped with the latest technology and equipment and is designed to create an inspiring and collaborative environment. We have a dedicated kitchen specifically for bakers and small catering companies and other food prep businesses. In addition, the Kitchen serves as a working laboratory for food entrepreneurs to develop, process, market, package, and promote their products. We are open 24/7 365 days a year, so you can access the kitchen whenever you need it. With our shared kitchen, you can create, test, and launch products without having to invest in a full-scale commercial kitchen.With our kitchen, vegan business owners can realize their dream of creating delicious, plant-based products to share with the world. Training future brands the new age way to professionally grow and get into brick & mortar, local markets. Also, getting involved with the local community for exposure and educate the uniqueness of brands. Let us support your vision and branding growth! Reach out to find out how we can make your next step for a long successful future! Let the Vegan Culinary Begin! 


24/7 Access | Parking| Full Commerical Vegan Commissary Facility| Wi-Fi

Additional Services

Freezer Storage | Dry Storage |Cold Storage |101 Private Brand Training

Food Truck Access | Private Group Chef Sessions/ Classes | Private Photo Studio Kitchen (Content creators)

|On time Prep for Events| Private Pop up events| Prep for Farmer Markets| corporate events prep| Small batches & more


Range| Induction Cooktop | Commercial Oven | Convection Oven| Commercial Blender |Packaging Heat Seal | Prep Tables | Wash and Prep

*Accepted Business Stages

Pre-Venture (Idea Phase, Limited Sales) | New Start Up | Existing in Business| Part-Time.

"Accepted Business Types

Small Batch| Baker| Beverage |Private Chef | Packaged Goods | Meal Prep| Vegan Brand| Blend Dry Herbs & Spices

"Lease Types Provided



8220 Griffin Road

Davie, Fl 33328

Tuesday - Saturday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Sunday- Monday : Closed
Hours for Vegan Shared Commercial Kitchen by Booking 

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